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Project Description

Did you send an inquiry about flyer design? What’s next?

After reviewing your inquiry, we will evaluate the project. You will receive the quote within 48 hours.
If you send a inquiry on a Friday or weekend, you’ll receive it on Monday or Tuesday.
For unspecified inquiries, you will receive an additional questions to answer.

When you start working on my project?

As soon as we receive the payment, we will start working on your project.
Place your order, make a payment & send us your content. Once designed, we will email you the file for revision. We will make revisions until you love it!

What to include on your leaflet design / flyer design?

It depends on what size flyer you want, and what you want to use it for but here are some ideas:

  • Copywright: You need to think about the space available on your flyer. Create a heading that will grab attention. Keep main text catchy and make sure it is written correctly!
  • Photos: People respond well to photos. Make sure you have rights to use any images and your photos are at least 300dpi.
  • Special offers: Great offer will generate more interest and enable you to track the response rate of your campaign. Combine your offer with a time limit to create some urgency and cap it off with a call to action.
  • Contact details: Think how would you like people to get in touch with you. Don’t forget to include your phone number, email address, website address or social media page.


  • Testimonials: Showing positive feedback and recommendations from existing customers will make your business more credible.